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A little history on the 'Pintxo" (Pincho):
"Pintxo, (Basque: “spike”) Pronounced:
Is an appetizer similar to Spanish tapas more typically served on top of a slice of crusty baguette bread and is especially common in Spain’s northern Basque Country. They are often served with a skewer or toothpick, hence the name. The small plates of food are usually displayed on the tops of bars—particularly during midday and for the barhopping ritual of txikiteo—or made to order, and they are consumed most often with a short glass of beer (zurito) or wine (often txakoli, a white wine from the Basque region). Pintxos can consist of any number of foods, including local produce, meats, and fresh seafood, particularly bacalao (salt-cured cod), anchovies in olive oil, spider crab, and squid. The appetizers can range from the simple—skewers of olives, pickled peppers, and anchovies; a plate of sautéed pulpo (octopus); ham and Idiazábal cheese in a tortilla—to the innovative, such as foie gras with an apple glaze."
- WRITTEN BY: Laura Siciliano-Rosen/

$2.50 each


  • Cantimpalo Chorizo and Manchego Cheese/Parsley and EVOO

  • Spanish Egg and Potato with olives salad

  • Spanish Tuna in olive oil, Red Roasted Pepper, and Anchovies (or) Sardine.

  • Salmon and Cream Cheese

  • Serrano Jam and Manchego Cheese/Parsley and EVOO

  • Membrillo (Quince Paste) and Manchego Cheese.



Add-On -$8 each

(Glass craft is part of rental.)

Purchase -$18 each

(Glass craft included in purchase.

Style of craft may vary depending upon availability.)

A craft of our Luxe by Les Virgin sangria made in house.
It is so delicious and refreshing for these warm summer days and filled with cuts of fresh orange, apple, grapes, and black berries.

You won't even miss the alcohol.

However, should you want to bring your own beverage, our pintxos pair wonderfully with Spanish beer or white wine or Cava from Spain.

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