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Basque Pintxo Picnic

Basque Pintxo Picnic

The "Basque Pintxo Picnic" - /pin.t͡ʃo/
Simply put, it's a picnic like no other!
Can't get to Europe, well no worries because Luxe Picnics by Les is bringing the Basque Country experience right to you.

The atmosphere in our Basque Pintxo Picnic is about gathering around delectable snacks and exchanging stories and conversations. It's about making a connection through the food, beverages, and your natural surroundings.

*Please note:  A "haul surcharge" may be added to cover additional staff if needed depending on the size of the picnic and the difficulty of the setup location.

  • 2 hours of picnic time. (+ $50 for additional hour up to 2 additional hours max if location and time availability permits).

  • Delivery, Set-up, and Pack-up.

  • (20) Mixed Pintxos for 2 (2 of each type): Spanish Potato, egg and olive salad/ Salmon and Cream cheese/ Serrano Ham and Manchego/ Tuna in olive oil, Roasted red pepper and Anchovies/ Cantimpalo Chorizo and Manchego.

  • Assorted Pickled goods and cherry tomatoes.

  • Mix of fresh fruit (grapes, oranges, strawberries)

  •  A carafe pitcher of our Luxe by Les Virgin sangria made in house - filled with cuts of fresh orange, apple, grapes, and black berries. You won't even miss the alcohol.  However, should you want to bring your own beverage, our pintxos pair wonderfully with Spanish beer or white wine or Cava from Spain.

  •  (2) Large Bottles of Natural Spring Water chilled on ice.

  •  Bamboo plates, Linen-feel Napkins, Bamboo flatware, Crystal-Cut Disposable Goblets

  •  A very vintage picnic basket filled with picnic essentials like sunblock, bug spray, hand sanitizer, wipes, breath mints, bottle cap & wine openers, and more.

  • A Retro Bluetooth speaker/FM Radio

  • Selfie Bluetooth Tripod/Stick

  • Tic-Tac-Toe & Ring Toss Game & Conversations cards



Add a platter or box of Luxe Bocata Spanish Sandwiches,  Sling Back Beach Chairs, Luxe Dining Table with chairs for 4, Low-Lying Picnic Table, French Sodas, a Mini Photo Session, Vintage-Style Polaroid Camera, Sweet treats by our Luxe Picnic Partners Breakable Hearts, Balloon art, Fresh Flower arrangements,  and more... visit our Add-ons” & "Luxe Picnic Partners" pages!

**You can also order additional Pintxos individually (min. 10 per order) at $2.50 each Pintxo,
and Add-On more our House made Virgin Sangria is $8 a carafe pitcher or *Purchase a Carafe Pitcher of Virgin Sangria for $18 (*Glass carafe pitcher Included.)**

*Base price Picnic for 2: $299

Additional Guests:  +$30 per person


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